Don’t miss your statute of limitations deadline in Tennessee…

Missing the filing deadline is almost always fatal to a lawsuit. It is critical for parties to litigation to always be aware of the expiration of the applicable statute(s) of limitation or statute(s) of repose. Failure to do so can result in the most unjust of results: full dismissal of a valid claim due to allowing to much time to elapse before commencement of the lawsuit.

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The following are the respective statute of limitations in Tennessee:

Contracts: 6 years;

Personal Injury: 1 year;

Workers’ Compensation: 1 year from date of injury, OR the last voluntary date of benefit payment by the employer;

Wrongful Death: 1 year;

Defamation: 1 year;

Domestic and foreign judgments: 10 years;

Injury to personal property: 3 years;

Intentional torts: 1 year;

Libel: 1 year;

Slander: 1 year;

Medical Malpractice: 1 year from the date of medical injury;

Minors statute of limitations begins upon 18th birthday;

Open account for debt collection: 6 years

Products liability: 1 year from date of injury

Promissory Notes: 6 years

Silicone Breast Implants: 4 years from date of discovery of injury – 25 years maximum


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