Will Google’s Driverless Cars End Automobile Accidents?

According to Google, their driverless cars have had only 11 accidents in the last six years (source).

Currently, automobile accidents are responsible for $871 billion in economic loss and societal harm each year (source).  In the United States, tens of thousands people die in automobile accidents each year. So far, there have been 300 fatal wrecks in Tennessee this year as of May 12. There were 966 fatalities and over 60,000 accidents with injuries in Tennessee for 2014 (source).

Google claims that safety is their biggest priority. As driverless cars take the roads, not only may the roads become safer, but the legal profession will change as well as personal injury attorneys and courts will see a different breed of automobile liability cases. When there are wrecks the questions may no longer focus on the fault of the drivers, but instead may focus on questions of products liability for the automobile manufacturers.

In the near future, when drivers are involved with driverless cars in motor vehicle accidents, there will be new ground for attorneys to explore to protect the rights of clients who have been injured.

Published by Mark Honeycutt on 05.13.15

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